Monday, March 18, 2013


Sometimes movies aren’t as awesome as the box art and description they present.  Today, I offer Roberto Faenza's Corrupt. "A highly original psychological whodunit."

"No one is safe in the world of police corruption.  A vicious cop-killer who slits throats runs rampant.  The police are involved in illegal activities that result in conspiracies and more murder.

Soon the policeman's world of luxury turns into a nightmare as a witness to his illegal activities tries to force him into committing yet another murder.

As the venal policeman begins to lose control of the situation, the story takes suspenseful twists and turns, and in the end corruption becomes the master of fate."

The description isn't great, and that should've tipped me off to this being kind of dull.  But, Harvey Keitel is in it, which comes shortly after his turn in Bad Lieutenant.  What really sold me on this was the cover.  Dude looks freaked out.  There are Italian names like Roberto and Giuseppe.  And, music by Ennio Morricone.  I typically take things like that to mean either super crazy or super quality.  Either way, I'm into it.

Unfortunately, this moves very slow and I lost interest pretty quickly.  But, I'm still a fan of that art.

- J. Moret

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