Monday, December 16, 2013


Collecting Physical Media is a dying hobby.  Digital Media is becoming more overwhelming and prevalent all the time.  Streaming services offer what seems to be an unlimited amount of titles.  However, services like Netflix and Hulu are actually far more limited and temporary.  So, in our hunt to find interesting titles that can only be obtained physically, I offer you MUTANT.

The Description:
"The residents of the small midwestern town of Goodland casually go about their daily business.  (So far so good.  I'm from the midwest!  I go about my business!)  Unaware of the danger that lurks below.  At first the unusual disappearance of a few visitors goes unnoticed, then the reality of a threat becomes apparent as the once crowded streets suddenly become deserted.

BO HOPKINS and JENNIFER WARREN star in this ghoulish tale of toxic terror as a nearby chemical plant's illegal dumping of deadly wastes finally takes its toll, transforming its victims into crazed mutants who crave human blood to survive.

The bizaree, evil mutations must all somehow be killed, but what about the toxic threat - waiting in silent anticipation for its next victim?"

The Evaluation:
Mutant really sucks.  You look at that box and you think, "Wow, what a cool looking movie.  It's gonna be a big time Alien rip-off and it'll be super fun!"

That is not an accurate representation.  Even though BO HOPKINS is spelled in capital letters on the back and there is a description of a ghoulish tale and all, it still sucks.  

Matt and I started this one night, just wanting something fun we could sort of pay attention to and talk during.  To our dismay, this movie had basically no action.  I don't even remember it.  I think they got run off a road, and one pushed out a window and some weird creature made a guy fall asleep...  And, all that makes it sound WAY cooler than it really was. 

That being said, I still love this art.  Look at that big malformed beast with the weird teeth!  People are dirty on the back!  That description also makes it sound like, Alien on the Earth!

You know what's better than this?  ARENA: STEVE ARMSTRONG VS HORN.  Check that out.

- J. Moret

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