Monday, April 29, 2013

Box Art: Virtual Desire

Director: Jim Wynorski
Triboro Entertainment Group

VIRTUAL DESIRE is one of those fantastic movies made in the early days of the internet. Watching how people interact with the internet is laughable considering the limitations of the time.

VIRTUAL DESIRE is what one would expect from a Skinemax flick. Lots of bad acting, lots of softcore sex, and a lot of cheesy fun. VIRTUAL DESIRE is a about a man who's wife is murdered. He has to figure out which one of his "on the side" internet flings committed the crime. Between the murder and the conclusion there's lots of terrible acting, and a lot of questionable decisions are made. 

Directed by Jim Wynorski (Director of CHOPPING MALL, a personal favorite of mine) and starring Julie Strain (veteran of trash cinema) VIRTUAL DESIRE is a bad skin flick, but at least it's entertaining, unlike most others of it's kind.


This particular box is a promotional screener copy. One side is "sexier" than the other. 

The cover art is very poor. Extremely basic and bland. Unfortunately, there is little much else to say about the box itself. There were other versions printed, I wouldn't say they are better than this.

- M. McSlam

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