Monday, November 12, 2012

Box Art: THE JAR

Sometimes movies aren’t as awesome as the box art and description they present.  Today, I offer Bruce Toscano’s THE JAR.  It Blows the Lid off Terror.

“Paul, once an easy-going guy, has just experienced the shock of his life.  And now he’s gone absolutely crazy.  He’s just come face to gruesome face with a repulsive, embryonic creature he discovered in a jar, and it sure looks like it’s out to get him.  He can’t get hold of himself, and those bizarre nightmares are really getting on his nerves.  He’s not even paying attention to his beautiful neighbor Crystal, and that’s not normal.  It’s that thing in the jar that’s to blame.  But for some reason, he just can’t seem to get rid of it.  It’s already made his life miserable, and now it wants to kill him.  Boy, does Paul have a monster of a problem.”  

How killer does that sound?  In reality, I found this movie rather indecipherable.  There was indeed a jar, but no sweet stop-motion monster or gore to go with it.  There were some neat effects (such as his bathtub filling with blood), the acting was pretty funny (all dubbed?  Probably from Italian) and the music by Obscure Sighs was killer, but it ultimately failed to entertain.  But, if you find it cheap, you can’t go wrong with that art.    

-J. Moret

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