Monday, November 19, 2012

Box Art: FINAL CUT (1988)

Sometimes movies aren’t as awesome as the box art and description they present.  Today, I offer Larry G. Brown’s FINAL CUT.

The Description:
“Caddo, Texas: The treacherous eerie bayou was the perfect location site for a Hollywood film crew.  It was the final location for WES, the veteran director...  KELLY, the stuntman, MARK, the technician and the wisecracking SMILIE.  They were finishing one of the greatest action films ever made.  An incredible piece of technology, a high-tech rocket boat, was poised for a record jump over the trees.  Penetrating the deep swamp, the four men were getting close to stumbling upon the local SHERIFF’s sinister scheme.  Suddenly, SMILIE and a local GIRL disappear.  

The game is on... a life or death race to unravel the mystery.  Will the steaming Tournee bayou be their final resting place?  The stunning conclusion is unreeled in the action packed... FINAL CUT.  There are no second takes!” (They probably should have taken some)

As you can see, the copy I found was from a West Coast Video.  They took the liberty of cutting the art to fit within one of their boxes.  However, the art is pretty sweet, with the montage of hot lady leaning back in the light (not in the movie), the woman with the gun (who’s head is covered with the price sticker) and a motorcycle guy with a gun (only in the first 5 minutes of the movie.)  On the back we are treated to gun-fire and a glider plane coming to land on a semi-truck.  
No doubt, all of this is sweet.  As you can also see on the front cover, this movie is Rated R.  Because they already have this rating, I wish they would’ve gone all out.  There is a great scene where Kelly, the stuntman, ambushes a group of the back-woods low-lifes and guns them down with an UZI.  However, the concurrent shot is just of a bunch of guys lying down.  If it was slow-motion with speed metal and juicy squibs going off like crazy, this movie would have been so much sweeter.  In fact, I would say that pretty much describes the entire film.

-J. Moret

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