Monday, November 4, 2013


Collecting Physical Media is a dying hobby.  Digital Media is becoming more overwhelming and prevalent all the time.  Streaming services offer what seems to be an unlimited amount of titles.  However, services like Netflix and Hulu are actually far more limited and temporary.  So, in our hunt to find interesting titles that can only be obtained physically, I bring you SCALPEL.
Director John Grissmer has attempted to make Eyes without a Face for a new generation.  And, well, it is somewhat interesting and somewhat successful. He studies... oh, who cares.  It could have been done a lot better or worse, and been a whole lot more entertaining.Plastic surgeon and hilariously evil father Dr. Reynolds wants his daughter's inheritance.  So, he makes the very bad piano player exotic dancer Jane into the spitting image of the fruit of his loins.  

There are a few great moments.  At one point Dr. Reynolds is explaining to Jane how his wife died, and while he is describing her accidental drowning, there is a quick cut to Reynolds circling his drowning wife in a paddleboat.  Brilliant comedic timing. 

The Box:
Some geometric lines, a scalpel and some gloved hands offer a rather ambiguous cover.  At first glance it appears as though you are viewing a gruesome surgery.  On the back you get a doctor, a bandaged lady, and a man that seems to be having a heart attack.

It's nothing outstanding, but it was enough for me to grab it in a rush when I was trying to get as many interesting titles as possible in a mad dash behind a Family Thrift Store.

-J. Moret

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