Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Barry Kryshka is the head Repertory Programmer / director of the board of the wonderful Trylon Microcinema and Take-Up Productions.

Trylon is one of the most innovative and interesting movie theaters in the country; a (mostly) volunteer-run, volunteer-programmed non-profit 501(c)3 fifty seat movie theater.  It is placed in south Minneapolis in a tiny space behind Peace Coffee and AVS (Barry's business where he actually makes money).  Programming includes classics and premieres, as well as great outside groups on Wednesdays, such as The Defenders, Sound Unseen and Trash Film Debauchery.  Because of the tiny space and it's non-profit status, they are able to do daring programming like an entire month dedicated to Robert Aldrich.  (Ten Seconds to Hell, which is amazing, would probably never have played anywhere in the city without it.)  It drips with love for cinema.

trylon_fs2.jpg (580×386)
Barry Kryshka in the Trylon

Below is my conversation with Barry about how he got into film, how he started the Trylon, the future of cinemas, etc...

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