Wednesday, July 9, 2014


If you're reading this, maybe you check our site occasionally.  And, maybe you've noticed that there has been significantly less posting as of late.  Well, here is your answer.

I've been working diligently on a 'zine, that I've confusingly titled, The ALL-STAR VIDEO REVIEW.  That's right, ranting and pumping up films that barely deserve it, now on paper!  But, luckily, I'm not the only one writing on this one.  A number of extremely talented people have offered their services and there are some pretty fantastic essays, a directional on how to fix a VHS tape and a membership card to our new All-Star Video Library.  

We're limiting it to fifty copies, hand-numbered.

I know what you're thinking, how do I get my hands on this fantastic pamphlet of useless information?

THE ALL-STAR VIDEO REVIEW Breakfast Release "Party"
Sunday, July 20th
Moon Palace Books

(Free Coffee and Donuts)

If you can't make the party, you can stop by Moon Palace anytime and pick up a copy.  If you don't live in Minneapolis, send an email to: and we'll mail you one.


With the purchase of our Review, you will also receive a membership card that will grant you access to the All-Star Video Library.  It will be in a small wooden bookshelf, beautifully crafted by friend of the site, Nick Geiken.  The bookshelf will be located in the entrance hallway to the Trylon Microcinema.

Inside, you’ll find a meticulously curated collection of films.  We have included everything from hard-to-find brilliant art films to hard-to-find Shot on Video trash films to films we just simply think should be included.  Everything was chosen for a specific purpose and with a specific vision.  This collection will continue to grow and change.  Is there a particular film that we've reviewed that you would love to see and can't find?  Contact us, and we'll make it available to you via the Library.  We believe entertainment and enlightenment are not too far apart, and that honest human introspection can be seen in art film and amateur film alike.

The following films are all shared free of charge with hopes that they will be enjoyed and shared with others.  

In order to obtain a membership and have access to the collection, you will need to purchase a copy of The All-Star Video Review.  You can purchase the Review at Moon Palace Books or write to  We also ask that you provide some information:

1. Your Full Name
2. Home Address
3. Email Address
4. Telephone Number

Once we have this information, we will give you a membership card that has an individual number on it.  Membership will be limited to 50 members.  After that amount has been reached, we will no longer accept new members until a member leaves.

There are no dues, but all films are due back to the Library 7 Days after they have been rented.  If rentals are not returned within 2 Weeks, membership will be suspended for 2 months, if not returned within 4 Weeks, the membership will be cancelled and can never be renewed.  

We believe that all forms of home video should be included where appropriate or necessary.  We have chosen certain formats for certain films because of the original intention of the filmmakers or because of nostalgic style choices.  Please note that some films will be provided in second or even third generation VHS tapes in the wrong aspect ratio.  This is only done when no other alternatives are available but we believe the film itself is worth seeing in any format.

Please remember to look at the type of media before renting a certain film.  If a certain film is only available on VHS, you will need a VCR to play the film at home.  We do offer the rental of our VCR, if you do not own one.  It will need to be returned with the film.  If you'd like your own VCR, they can usually be easily and cheaply obtained at Goodwill.  Likewise, note that Blu-Ray cannot be played on a regular DVD player.  

As a member, we ask that you consider contributing something from your own collection to ours.  If you have a film that you’d like to offer up for rental, please contact with a description of the film and set up a time to leave it at Moon Palace bookstore or the Trylon Microcinema for consideration.

If you’re looking for more information on a film or would like to read longer reviews of the films, they are available at

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