Sunday, February 21, 2016

ALL-STAR VIDEO comes to the Trylon

So, obviously we've been pretty quiet lately.  What with kids, new jobs, moving, new dogs, etc., Matt and I have been separated a bit from this little thing we love.  But, there is good news coming.

The Trylon microcinema has offered us a late night spot to follow Trash Film Debauchery on the third Wednesday of every month.  We've taken a few friends (Pat Vehling, Malcolm Mohr and Andrew Madetzke have been putting an enormous amount of work on this) helping to program and promote the series. If we can continue to have a loyal following we'll gain ourselves a permanent spot in the late-night spot after TFD. 

I also want to say that bigger stuff is down the pipeline (though I won't announce that here and now.)  

If you've been following us at all and know the types of films we love, I don't think you'll be surprised that we're starting with a concise history of shot-on-video favorites.

I also want to add that a ticket to this series gets you the ability to become a member of the new and improved All-Star Video Library.  The new library titles will be available March 16.

Here are the details:

Coming soon to The Trylon microcinema
All-Star Video celebrates the mad world of shot-on-video movies! In the heyday of the video store, amateur filmmakers brought their crazy stories to your VHS player using home-video cameras, tiny budgets, and boundless enthusiasm. We’ve combed through hundreds of titles to bring you some of the wildest works ever committed to magnetic tape. Want to know what we’re showing? You’ll need to show up to find out! Third Wednesdays following TFD at the Trylon.



The Trylon microcinema

Wed Mar 16 9:00 
What might be the first shot-on-video slasher film comes complete with VHS slow-motion effects. This one has a possessed weapon, a mashed-potato food fight, and a killer soundtrack. Will this be the most enjoyable film you see this year? Yes. Yes it will. $5 



The Trylon microcinema

Wed Apr 20 8:45 
This ambitious, off-the-wall amateur film is as original, and stupid, as they come. Floating men in underwear, a goggled goofball burying random body parts, and a couple of poolside chainsaw attacks await you. $5 



The Trylon microcinema

Wed May 18 9:00 
If you think Troll 2 and The Room are as bad as bad gets, you’re going find yourself in way over your head tonight. Filled to the brim with hilarious padding, this one reuses footage from old films (again!) and includes multiple scenes involving typing at a desktop calculator. Is this the worst film ever made? See it and decide for yourself. $5

Tickets on sale here:

Thanks for being on this crazy journey with us. Hope to see you March 16.

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